Well you all did it. You all raised $69,500. In 6 weeks! We are truly amazed that such a large sum of money was raised in such a short time. This proved the power of generosity (and of the internet!). This campaign allowed my family to focus on the tremendous outpouring of support for me, which was a wonderful distraction from the impending surgery. It put a positive spin on such a tragic event. I am still amazed by the generosity.

A thank you goes out to my daughter Jessie who originally thought of the idea of harnessing the power of social media in order to raise money for my leg. From her house at Brock University and during exams (might I add), she took on the role as the director for the campaign. However, the leg4cathy.org campaign would not have been launched without my two talented nephews Gregory and Jason. With Gregory’s creative designs and Jason’s computer expertise the leg4cathy.org website and Facebook page were launched within a week.

Donations came in from both coasts of Canada, from all over the states and from as far away as the UK. Some very creative ideas emerged to raise money. My son Jake, who attends the University of Guelph, and his friend Brandon, who goes to Laurier, both held beer bottle drives that grew from being on just one floor of the residences to the entire buildings! Yes I admit I was encouraging many beer pong parties, but over $450 was raised. Jessie’s roommates held a cupcake drive, while Jake’s previous school, Preston High School, had a dance and a button drive. Some donations came from complete strangers who had heard of the campaign through Facebook and through TV personality Elaine Lui, who gave the campaign a shout-out on her internationally popular blog “Lainey Gossip,” thanks to my niece Erin who had put the request out to her.

Certainly the most profitable event was the dinner-dance organized by “event planner extraordinaire,” my sister-in-law Maggie O’Brien. With great food, a live band, silent auction and more, an unbelievable $10,000 was raised in one night! And a very good time was enjoyed by all. Another highly successful event was organized by Brittany, Maggie’s daughter (yes it does run in the family) at the Wild Wings chain of restaurants in the Ottawa area. With a matching donation from manager Martin Winges, an incredible $5,2000 was raised.

My husband’s family, the Mansons, who have always been a pillar of support to me –along with the extended relatives– came through in spades and donated over $26,000 themselves.

But it was all the donations big and small with sincere emails, many from those who have gone through amputations themselves, or who donated on behalf of a friend or family member who suffered from cancer or another crippling disease – these were the ones that were most touching. People gave to this campaign mainly because you asked them. It was your friendship, your connection with them that made the difference. They didn’t know me, but you knew me, and that was all that mattered.

I received over a hundred “best wishes” cards, one beautiful homemade quilt (thanks cousin Linda) great books to read (thanks sister-in-law Charon) a prayer shawl from the lovely ladies of St. Mary’s church and many lovely flower arrangements and tons of encouraging phone calls and emails.This all made the journey bearable. Thank you so much.

I received a countless number of donations, and if by chance I missed you, (I tried very hard to send out personal thank you cards and emails), please accept my sincere apologies for missing you and my sincere thanks for your donation. So now my phsyio is done, we just wrote the cheque for my new C-leg and to quote my nephew Bill … Raise your glasses boys … Cathy’s back!

A Thank You Reception
will be held at the
Royal Canadian Legion
177 George Street
Carleton Place, ON
Sunday Aug. 25, 2-4 PM
All are Welcome